Why You Should Use The .com For Your Domain

Why You Should Use The .com For Your Domain

Extensions, like .com or .net, are suffixes at the end of web addresses. Some of them have very specific uses, but .com will always be the preferred option. It is the most popular and well known, and provides a number of benefits over other gTLDs.

Using a Dot-Com Domain Makes the Most Sense

A .com domain name should be the foundation of your new brand. If you’re planning on starting a new business or have an idea that you’d like to monetize, the first thing you should do is register a .com domain with your preferred name.

With more than 1.5 billion domain names and only around 200 million of them active, there’s a huge chance that someone else has already registered the .com version of your site. If they haven’t, purchase the .com domain as soon as you’ve settled on a name. If they have, you could look for other top-level domains (TLDs), but they‘re not as popular as .com and you should still try to purchase that domain – even if it is already taken.

Benefits of Dot-Com Domains

Here’s why we think you need a .com domain and should go through the effort to get one:

.com Domains are Easily Recognizable

The .com domain was introduced as early as 1985 and was one of the first set of top-level domains introduced along with .net, .org and .edu. While the other TLDs were reserved primarily for nonprofit websites, .com was intended for commercial sites. By the time people knew about online ventures, .com became an established standard for websites. People looking up for your name on the internet often assume you have a dot-com domain.

.com Domains Come With SEO Benefits

.com domain names carry major brand appeal and credibility. A Ranking Factors study by Search Metrics found that websites using the .com extension rank better even when the keywords are generic. These websites are more common and hence look more authoritative.

.com Domains are More Reliable

Did you know that the link shortening service website bitly.com was initially bit.ly? When Libya cracked down on .ly websites because it was against Sharia Law, there was panic across users who thought all shortened links using .ly would break. Finally, Bitly moved to a .com extension because the .ly extension was considered risky. Using a .com domain means you’ll never have to worry about changing it or having issues with usage rights.

.com Domains Have a Higher Resale Value

Domain Investors should always focus on the generic .com. These assets hold value and increase in brand appeal.

Businesses with .com extensions look more professional than those using other extensions. Unless a domain name you’re looking for is taken, always stick to the much preferred and the more popular .com domain.

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