The multiple domain is actually the “big secret” to improve your SEO

The multiple domain is actually the “big secret” to improve your SEO

The multiple domain name strategy is actually the “big secret” many brands use to improve their SEO and dominate the search engines without being obvious.

Why Businesses Buy More than One Domain

There are many different reasons why businesses consider purchasing multiple different domain names. The following are some of the most common reasons why a business would spend the time and money needed to set up and manage more than one domain:

  • Marketing strategies: If you have a specific domain for each service, you may be able to run more precise marketing campaigns
  • SEO: Your domain can have a big impact on your search engine results, and having multiple domains can benefit your SEO efforts
  • Legal protection: Buying domains related to your business or business name now can help you to avoid the need to sue someone for trying to steal it later

Types of Domains You Should Consider Purchasing

  • Location specific domain names
  • Service specific domain names

Location-specific Domain Names

Businesses that operate multiple locations often want to purchase a separate domain for each one. Having domains that combine the business name and the city each location is in can be very effective.

This allows you to display the correct contact information to people based on what they’re searching for. In addition, domains that are specific to geographic areas show up more often for local searches on Google and other search engines.

Service-specific Domain Names

If your business offers multiple different types of services, you may want to have a separate domain for each one. For example, if you run a local handyman service, you may benefit from registering a separate domain for your roofing services, remodeling services, appliance repair, and more.

How To Manage Multiple Domains

When you own multiple domains, you have a few different options when it comes to managing them. The first option is to have multiple domains pointing to a single website. For example, if you own the domains and, you can have them both pointing to the same website files through your control panel.

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