Keyword domains: use them or lose them

Keyword domains: use them or lose them

Does having keywords in your domain help my website’s SEO?

When users search on Google or other search engines, they are more likely to click on a domain name that includes at least one of the keywords from the search query. 

For example, if a user searched for “how to create a website” he or she would be more inclined to click on a domain name such as or than a domain name that does not contain any of the keywords in the search.

This clearly illustrates the importance of having keywords in your domain name when it comes to user click-through rates. Many SEO strategists swear by keyword domains to accelerate their SEO efforts and search rankings: if you want to rank for “cheap iPhones” all you need to do is buy the domain and you would get first-page ranking.

Keywords play an important role when it comes to getting traffic to a website. Users type enter keywords into their search queries and they are more likely to click on domain names and links that contain those keywords.

How should I choose which keyword(s) to use in my domain name?

First and foremost, the keyword needs to be relevant and consistent with your website content and aligns with your business focus.  

Other tips:

  1. Keywords should flow well together

    When keywords flow well together. It is important that the keywords you use are actually searched for by users. They should be in the right order, not randomly thrown together

  2. When you keywords flow logically, your domain name becomes memorable. You don’t want to settle with a domain name that is long and convoluted just because it contains all your target keywords. Such domain names are hard to remember and people won’t be able to type it into their web browsers.

  3. Your brand is one of your most important keyword

    But it shouldn’t be your only keyword, unless your brand name is already so well-established and promoted that people recognizes it immediately (ie. Amazon, YouTube, Google). Start with your brand name and pair it with a good keyword. For example, if your name is Bob and you run a guitar repair service, a good domain name can be

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